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ACE says Blend Wall "Cost" Reports are Incomplete and Misleading (4-3-2014)  

ACE meets with Administration and Capitol Hill decision makers during fly-in this week (3-25-2014)

ACE elects 2014 board officers (2-7-2014)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE tells EPA its RFS proposal is unlawful and ignores retail success with higher ethanol blends (1-28-2014)  

ACE 2014 RVO Comments (1-28-2014)

Grassroots ethanol supporters will 'march' to Washington, DC March 25-26 (1-14-2014)

ACE reminds ethanol advocates to submit comments to EPA on proposed RFS (1-6-2014)

ACE to host RFS comment webinar (12-9-2013)

ACE to testify in support of RFS at EPA hearing (12-2-2013)

ACE says EPA proposal to reduce RFS betrays commitment to renewable fuels (11-15-2013)

ACE calls on Associated Press to correct or retract error-filled story on ethanol (11-11-2013)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE urges EPA to not cave to Big Oil demands over 2014 RFS (10-15-2013)

ACE letter to EPA on rumored 2014 RFS production targets (10-15-2013)

ACE condemns API's Gerard for RFS cancer comparison (9-25-2013)

ACE congratulates Fox River Valley Ethanol for re-opening plant in Utica, Wisconsin (9-20-2013)

ACE alerts consumers that Big Oil is forcing lower quality gasoline on the market (9-16-2013)

ACE statement on USDA corn crop projections (9-12-2013)

ACE thanks PEI for report on E15 conversion costs, says findings dispel another Big Oil E15 myth (9-10-2013)

ACE praises bipartisan investigation into Big Oil's business practices (8-20-2013)

"Unite and Ignite" theme for ACE Conference in Des Moines (8-20-2013)

ACE statement on Big Oil's RFS waiver request (8-14-2013)

ACE statement on USDA corn crop projections (8-12-2013)

Ford Engineer confirmed for ACE Conference (8-12-2013)

ACE statement on final RFS volumes for 2013 (8-6-2013)

International trade in the ethanol industry to be key topic during upcoming ACE Conference (8-2-2013)

ACE praises AAA for new ad supporting ethanol (7-31-2013)

ACE congratulates Quad County Corn Processors for historic cellulosic ethanol project (7-29-2013)

ACE shows Congress how Big Oil is manipulating the RIN market (7-29-2013)

ACE Comments to House Energy & Commerce Committee on RFS Implementation (7-26-2013)

ACE statement on this week's House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee RFS hearing (7-23-2013)

ACE statement on the confirmation of Gina McCarthy to head up the EPA (7-18-2013)

ACE praises AAA's demand to remove inaccurate API E15 ad (7-18-2013)

ACE announces "Unite and Ignite" theme for annual conference (7-12-2013)

ACE statement on House passage of Farm Bill (7-11-2013)

ACE says Energy & Commerce hearing opportunity to show Congress 73% of Americans support the RFS (6-26-2013)

ACE statement on Supreme Court not hearing E15 case (6-24-2013)

ACE's Lamberty says fast food RFS claims need to be eighty-sixed (6-20-2013)

Motorcycle lobby misfires with E15 attacks (6-19-2013)

ACE praises E15 survey results, says consumers want the fuel on a wider basis (6-11-2013)

ACE praises bipartisan support in Senate for Blender Pumps and E15 (6-10-2013)

ACE urges House Oversight Committee to ask Tough Questions of Oil Industry (6-5-2013)

ACE statement on API's legal brief on E15 fuel (6-4-2013)

ACE shows Congress ethanol is improving while oil gets worse (5-24-2013)

Bipartisan Support in Senate Ag Committee for Blender Pumps and E15 (5-14-2013)

ACE's Lamberty joins ASTM Technical Committee overlooking fuel standards (5-14-2013)

ACE and Michael Best host webinars for ethanol producers (5-3-2013)

ACE tells Congress RFS is catalyst for innovation (4-29-2013)  

ACE blasts Sensenbrenner's anti-E15 legislation (4-11-2013)

ACE statement on RFS repeal legislation (4-10-2013) 

PRESS RELEASE: ACE's new infographic highlights how the RFS is an American Success Story (3-26-2013)

Big Oil's Big Stall (3-20-2013)

ACE Fly-in brings big turnout to Capitol Hill (3-13-2013)

MEDIA ADVISORY: ACE and Iowa RFA to Hold "Century of Subsidies" Birthday Party for Big Oil (3-12-2013)

ACE statement on the nomination for Gina McCarthy to head up the EPA (3-4-2013)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE letter to Environment Committee exposes misleading CRC E15 testing results (2-26-2013)

Letter from ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty to Congressional Subcommittee on concerns over CRC test result testimony (2-26-2013)

Chart showing best-selling cars in the United States from 2001-2012 (2-26-2013)

Partial list of Technical Service Bulletins issued for the vehicles used in CRC's E15 testing (2-26-2013)

ACE Executive VP Brian Jennings responds to anti-RFS call (2-4-2013)

ACE Executive VP Brian Jennings comments on 2013 RFS Proposed levels (1-31-2013)

ACE responds to API, says oil industry is grasping at straws regarding E15 (1-29-2013)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE's Lamberty responds to AAA's criticism on E15 fuels, wonders why group didn't respond to low-octane fuel sales in portions of U.S. (1-07-2013)

ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty's letter on E15 to AAA President Robert Darbelnet (1-7-2013)

ACE says EIA's energy outlook misreads purpose of RFS (12-05-2012)

ACE praises EPA approval of RFS pathway for grain sorghum ethanol, Urges approval of individual petitions (12-04-2012)

ACE comments to the EPA on the usage of grain sorghum as an ethanol feedstock (12-04-2012)

ACE Criticizes AAA for trying to scare consumers about E15 blends (11-30-2012)

ACE says Chain Restaurants are 'out to lunch' on the Renewable Fuel Standard (11-28-2012)

ACE elects Ron Alverson President of Board (11-19-2012)

ACE praises EPA for denying RFS waiver requests (11-16-2012)

ACE responds to IEA forecast on America's energy potential (11-13-2012)

ACE's Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty responds to anti-E15 letter in Lincoln Journal Star (11-07-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE announces dates for 2013 DC fly-in (11-07-2012)

ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty responds to the Wall Street Journal's inaccurate ethanol editorial (11-01-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: Groups Ask Congressional Leaders to Stay the Course on the RFS (10-19-2012)

Letter to Congressional Leaders on the importance of retaining the Renewable Fuels Standard in it's current form (10-19-2012)

ACE kicks off grassroots campaign to promote the RFS and counter negative ethanol stories, urges public to get involved (10-12-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE Urges EPA to reject RFS waiver requests (10-10-2012)

ACE Comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on requests to waive the Renewable Fuels Standard (10-10-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: ACE Announces Ethanol Issues Survey Results for Congressional Races (10-01-2012)

2012 Ethanol Today Congressional Survey Responses

Renewable Fuel Stakeholders Launch National Campaign (9-27-2012)

ACE: Renewable Fuel Standard is Best Weapon against Rising Gas Prices, Ethanol Helps Drivers Save while Traveling during the Labor Day Weekend (8-31-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: The Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council Urges the Obama Administration to Stay the Course on the Renewable Fuels Standard (8-27-2012)

Letter to President Barack Obama from the Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council urging the Obama Administration to stay the course with the Renewable Fuels Standard (8-27-2012)

ACE applauds U.S. Court of Appeals Decision on E15; Says consumers will benefit from ruling (8-17-2012)

ACE responds to RFS waiver request from the Governor of North Carolina (8-14-2012)

ACE Elects New Representatives to Board (8-13-2012)

ACE members publicly thank Ag Secretary Vilsack for his support of the RFS (8-10-2012)

ACE letter of thanks to Ag Secretary Vilsack for his support of the RFS (8-10-2012)

ACE counters calls from Members of Congress to block the RFS (8-2-2012)

ACE responds to meat groups' petition to waive the Renewable Fuels Standard (7-30-2012)

ACE's Executive Vice President Brian Jennings responds to Smithfield Food CEO's anti-RFS letter (7-27-2012)

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will address 25th annual ACE Conference in Omaha August 10 (7-25-2012)

ACE says the market is working and evidence supports maintaining the RFS amid drought conditions (7-19-2012)

South Dakota's Ethanol Infrastructure Grant Program Accepting Applications (7-16-2012)

Farm, Energy, Technology Groups Tell EPA, NHTSA CAFE Rule as Proposed Poses Risk to Rural Economy (6-28-2012)

Letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protesting proposed CAFE standards for 2017 and later model-year, light-duty vehicles (6-28-2012)

South Dakota Attorney General rules low-octane gasoline illegal in State (6-21-2012)

ACE Recognizes U.S. Senator Ben Nelson for policy leadership (6-19-2012)

ACE Praises EPA for signing off on retailers plans to sell and handle E15 blends (6-15-2012)

ACE, Environmental, and Advanced Biofuel groups Urge Congress to Protect the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and extend cellulosic tax provisions (6-12-2012)

Letter to Congressional Leaders from ACE, Environmental and Advanced Biofuel groups urging Congress to protect the RFS and extend cellulosic tax provisions (6-12-2012)

ACE announces "Proud History, Bright Future" theme and topics for 25th annual ethanol conference (5-31-2012)

ACE's Jennings highlights importance of ethanol during Representative Noem's Farm Bill Listening Session today (5-24-2012)

ACE responds to API testing claims on E15 blends (5-16-2012)

ACE Opposes Recommendation to Approve Sub-par Gasoline in South Dakota (5-9-2012)

ACE responds to API E15 infrastructure concerns (5-3-2012)

E15 Clears final federal regulatory hurdle (4-23-2012)

ACE congratulates Golden Grain Energy on a decade of ethanol leadership (4-23-2012)

ACE's infographic illustrates how the Renewable Fuels Standard is working (4-12-2012)

ACE congratulates Golden Grain Energy on a decade of ethanol leadership (4-10-2012)

ACE, others, stand up for RFS in federal lawsuit (4-10-2012)

ACE praises continued progress towards E15 implementation (4-3-2012)

Ethanol grassrooots fly-in brings big turnout to Capitol Hill (3-27-2012)

PRESS RELEASE: Ethanol groups sign letter urging Congressional Leaders to continue to support the Renewable Fuels Standard (3-27-2012)

Ethanol groups sign letter urging Congressional Leaders to continue to support the Renewable Fuels Standard (3-27-2012)

ACE says Ethanol would help consumers save more at the pump immediately (2-23-2012)

ACE says E15 another step closer to the consumer (2-17-2012)

ACE says E15 could help ease rising gas prices (2-14-2012)

ACE urges Congress to vote against Representative Sensenbrenner's anti-ethanol bill (2-07-2012)

ACE's Senior Vice President responds to Sno West Magazine's recent anti-ethanol blog post (2-01-2012)


Please contact Chuck Beck to access older press releases from the American Coalition for Ethanol. Chuck can be reached via email at or by calling (605) 334-3381 ext. 10



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