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Ethanol is a high octane, clean burning, American-made renewable fuel. Its production and use offer a myriad of benefits to the United States and its citizens.

The production of ethanol is an economic engine for the United States, adding value to U.S. agricultural products and bringing billions of dollars to the nation's economy each year. The use of ethanol reduces harmful auto emissions, offers consumers a cost-effective choice at the pump, and decreases the amount of expensive crude oil needed to satisfy the nation's thirst for transportation fuel.

Ethanol is produced at 200 facilities across the nation and blended in to unleaded gasoline in varying percentages. Ethanol is most commonly retailed as E10, the blend of 10 percent ethanol (90% gasoline) for use in all automobiles. Increasingly, ethanol is also available as E85, the 85 percent ethanol blend for use in Flexible Fuel Vehicles. The E15 blend has recently been approved by the U.S. EPA for use in 2001 and newer model year vehices (read more here).

This All About Ethanol section contains a wealth of information about the production and use of ethanol. Visit these subsections to learn more:

Ethanol 101 - ethanol basics, benefits
Ethanol Facilities - how and where ethanol is made
Ethanol & Your Vehicle - the types and use of ethanol-blended fuel
Ethanol Research - research studies on various ethanol topics
Ethanol Co-Products - the co-products of the ethanol production process
Alternative Uses - ethanol for industrial, beverage, aviation purposes

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