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  • Higher grocery prices have more to do with energy costs than corn costs.  Crude oil at these high prices makes it more expensive to process, package, and ship everything - including groceries.
  • Research has found energy prices to have at least twice the impact on the Consumer Price Index for food than corn prices do.
  • Less than 20 cents of your food price dollar goes toward on-farm costs like grain; more than 80% of the real cost of food comes from off-farm costs, energy-intensive costs like processing, packaging, labor, and transportation.
  • Gas prices have more than doubled since 2002, costing Americans more than $250 billion annually.
  • Analysts say oil and gas prices would be 15% higher if ethanol producers weren't expanding their output; at today's retail gas prices, ethanol is a value of about 50 cents a gallon to American consumers.

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