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Are you a teacher, student, or simply looking to learn more about corn and ethanolWell, You've come to the right place! On this page, you will find everything from lesson plans and videos to instructions on how to run your own ethanol experiments. 

but, You might be wondering what exactly is ethanol?

Ethanol is a renewable fuel. It is typically made from corn, but it's not made from the same type of corn you eat for dinner. Corn used for ethanol production is called yellow dent corn. Ethanol is a cleaner alternative compared to burning gasoline. What makes ethanol cleaner than gasoline? Ethanol is made from a process of refining corn into a liquid. Corn can be grown and harvested every year. Gasoline, however, is made from refining oil (petroleum). Oil refiners must drill deep into the earth to harvest the oil they make into gasoline. There is a limted amount of oil in the world, unlike corn which you can grow back each year!

Are you teaching from home while schools are closed due to covid-19? kansas corn stem's continuous learning has home activities for teachers, parents and students to use during this time of at home learning. 

These resources will be housed on Kansas Corn's lesson library at for online learning, and can be printed for use in packets for off-line learning. Going forward, these resources will continue to enhance their current on-line educational lessons and labs and will have continued value both in conventional classrooms as well as home-school settings. Please check the lesson library regularly through mid-May as more resources are added.



Each section offers a classification for grade levels to help you find content at every learning level. Enjoy!

Video Library

Find engaging and informative video content for all ages below. Videos are categorized by grade level. 

K-8, Corn Takes the Spotlight from Into the Outdoors (Video length 6:51)

This video covers corn production in the state of Wisconsin. It touches on the farm technologies used to make the best possible product.

6-12, Ethanol and Biodiesel Creation Process from Adkins Energy a biorefinery in Lena, IL (Video length 6:11)

This video covers the process of how ethanol and biodiesel are made with clips from an actual production facility. Video is narrated by Ray Baker, plant general manager. Click here for more info.

K-8, Growing and processing corn (Part 1) from Into the Outdoors (Video length 6:17)   

This video highlights the difference between field and sweet corn, the processing of corn, and the products made from the corn kernel.

6-12, Can Corn Fuel the Future? Video Series from the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (Videos vary in length from 47 seconds to 2:05)

This 12 part video series chronicles the process of producing ethanol starting in the field and moves all the way to the gas pump. Click here for more info.

 K-8, Growing and processing corn (Part 2) from Into the Outdoors (Video length 5:33)

The second half of this video series dives deeper into the processing of corn and highlights ethanol and its co-products.

9-12, Bioenergy: America’s Energy Future from (Video length 3:26)

This video covers a brief overview of the future of low-carbon fuels and biofuels made from algae, corn stover, and more. Hear from experts on the uses and innovations being achieved in the bio-fuel space and learn more about careers in the bio-energy field. Click here for more info.

K-8, Ethanol Primer Video from Into the Outdoors (Video length 4:14)

This video covers the process of growing corn to produce food and fuel. Dive into the process and learn the technical terms and scientific processes used to make ethanol. 

9-12, Pump, the Movie (Movie length 1 hour 28 mins)

This film begins by exploring the history of petroleum-based fuel consumption, the use of the Internal combustion engine and the geopolitics involved with petroleum. Click here to learn more.

Hands on Learning

Experiments and hands on learning activities give students of all ages an opportunity to get their hands dirty and learn about ethanol.  

Miscellaneous Activities

Activity books inlcuding coloring pages, word games, corn origami, and more!

Lesson Plans

·K-5, Ethanol Primer Lesson Plans (Into the Outdoors)

Biofuels: grow your own fuel lesson plans and activities.

·K-5, Lessons in Corn and Agriculture (Kansas Corn Growers Association)

Grade by grade lesson plans and activities.

·K-5, Classroom Materials for Grade School (Illinois Corn Growers Association)

Includes lessons, activities, experiments, and more.

·K-12, Corn and Ethanol Related Lesson Plans (Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association) STEM curriculum that connects Ohio science standards with engaging lab activities.

·6-8, Biofuels vs. Fossil Fuels Unit (Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center)

Instructor guide and full biofuels unit education package.

·6-8, Ethanol Primer Lesson Plans (Into the Outdoors)

Making ethanol lesson plans and activities.

·6-8, Tale of Two Corns Comparison (Illinois Corn Growers Association)

Videos and lessons explain the different types of corn, uses for corn, and industry statistics. Also includes hands on learning activities and corn activity booklet.

·6-12, Seed to Stem Corn Curriculum (Kansas Corn Growers Association)

Lesson plans and activities about biotechnology, and energy & ethanol.

·9-12, Ethanol Primer Lesson Plans (Into the Outdoors)

Biomass lesson and activities.

·9-12, Biofuels vs. Fossil Fuels Unit (Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center)

Instructor guide and full biofuels unit education package.

·9-12, Tale of Two Corns Comparison (Illinois Corn Growers Association)

Videos and lessons explain the different types of corn, uses for corn, and industry statistics.

·9-12, Discovering Farmland Lesson Plans and Materials (U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Allliance)

Lessons and virtual field trips offer students in urban areas real world insights into where their food comes from.

Career Exploration

There are thousands of different career paths related to agriculture, ethanol, and bio-energy. Whether you enjoy studying math or english, enjoy working with your hands or prefer to leave the work to your imagination, the possibilites are endless.

Careers in Corn: 

Software Engineering & Computer Science Career Essentials: has developed guides for those pursuing careers in software development, each focusing on core development areas for each degree, including career prospects, job outlook, and financial aid options. Below are a few resources:

Additional Resources

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