What do Retailers Really Want?

September 2017 Webinar - What do Retailers Really Want?

There have been programs and campaigns developed by the ethanol industry and supporters to provide information, funding, and whatever else we think retailers need, to convince them to sell E15 and flex fuels. Some have worked, some haven’t. We’ve been talking to retailers, and asking them what they need. Hosted by Ron Lamberty, ACE Senior Vice President and Director of Market Development.

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June 2017 Webinar - Looking Ahead: What's Coming Down the Pike in DC for Ethanol

Hosted by ACE leadership, ACE’s second webinar of 2017 took a reflective look at the first six months under the Trump Administration and 115th Congress and provided direction on what the next six could look like. The webinar also served as an opportunity to preview what to expect at our 30th annual ACE conference in Omaha coming up August 15-17.

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January 2017 Webinar - Ethanol Outlook: President Trump and the 115th Congress

ACE leadership hosted a discussion about how to advance ethanol's policy priorities in the incoming Trump Administration and 115th Congress on January 18, 2017.

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