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What do you (think you) know about E15?

A recent article about unleaded E15 in a Wisconsin newspaper attempted to explain what’s different about the “new” 88 unleaded gasoline being sold in a growing number of locations in the state. Whether it was the fault of the reporter or his source from the American Automobile Association (AAA), the article succeeded primarily as an example of “experts” who are often wrong but seldom in doubt, and…

Big Oil Really Doesn’t Want You to Sell E15

If you own or operate a convenience store or gas station, you’ve probably heard something about E15 over the last several years, and most of it probably wasn’t very good. Maybe even frightening. Hundreds of thousands in installation and equipment costs to sell a fuel nobody wants, nobody can legally use, and oh, dear Lord, the LIABILITY!  (Which kind of flies in the face of all the other things…

Whose Customer Is It, Anyway?

Marketing is fun.

At least the stuff most people think of when they hear the word “marketing,” is fun. Naming your product, creating a brand and logos, coming up with catchy slogans, cool ads, maybe a jingle, planning and executing advertising and social media campaigns – all that activity is fun. And when you’re done doing it, you get shiny stuff you can touch and hold in your hands that…

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