Drivers Want More Ethanol

If you own and/or operate a convenience store, service station, or unattended fuel site, and you’re looking for a way to distinguish yourself from your competition, this section is for you.

Station owners who have added higher blends of ethanol like E15 and E85 over the past few years tell ACE they’re gaining customers and improving profits at a time when many independents are getting out of the retail fuel business.

Ethanol has been part of the nation’s fuel supply for almost forty years, and has been helping lower fuel costs, improve air quality, and increase octane, all with an unmatched record of safety. Ethanol can be used in any vehicle and is covered under warranty by every automaker in the U.S. Some cars can use more ethanol than others, and although you may have heard scary stories about what ethanol might do to engines, no automobile warranty has ever been voided by using ethanol.

“My experience in the six years I’ve had blender pumps has been incredible actually," explains Bruce Vollan, owner of Midway Service in Baltic, South Dakota. "We’ve seen an immediate volume increase and you see a lot of people that are actively seeking out higher blends. We’ve had people asking when we were going to offer E15, once you mention something to somebody on this, they always want what they can’t have and that was the case with E15 for about 2 or 3 years until we finally got it approved so there are a lot of people waiting.”

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