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ACE informs motorists that most new model vehicles are eligible for E15 blends

Sioux Falls, SD (May 23, 2014) – The summer driving season is now hitting the United States, and the Senior Vice President for the American Coalition for Ethanol, (ACE) Ron Lamberty says many motorists might not realize it, but they could be eligible to get a little extra savings at the pump.  

“Once the federal government gave the approval for E15 blends to be sold in retail stations, automakers started building cars designed and warrantied for E15 fuel. For the last two years nearly every new vehicle sold in the US is ‘‘E15 compatible,’’ under even the strictest definition of that term. Along with flex-fuel vehicles and Ford’s earlier switch to E15 according to sales data, about 50 million vehicles on the road today have warranties that include E15.  And that number will grow by almost 15 million every year. While ACE continues to encourage drivers of cars and light trucks built in model year 2001 and newer – the vehicles EPA tested safe for E15 use - to try E15, no one can argue about the safety of E15 in this group of newer vehicles.”

“In recent days two states have passed legislation that should lead towards an increase in stations offering E15 blends in the near future. It is time for groups that bill themselves as advocates for drivers to highlight the price advantages of E15, and to help drivers find retail fuel stations that are offering cost-effective high-octane E15 fuel. Groups like AAA were unfortunately a very effective pawn in Big Oil’s campaign to smear E15 and maintain the fuel monopoly that has doubled American drivers’ fuel expenditures over the past five years. Now they need to step up and advocate on behalf of drivers’ right to use the best fuel for their cars, and encourage oil companies to stop blocking station owners from offering E15,” said Lamberty. 

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