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ACE launches "Power by People" campaign

ACE debuts new look website and video to highlight "Power by People."

Minneapolis, MN (August 5, 2014) – During its annual conference today, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) unveiled a campaign to showcase the personal and authentic stories of the people who built the most important and successful renewable energy platform in the world.

As part of the campaign, the grassroots ethanol organization introduced a redesigned website and promotional video entitled “The Home Place.”

“When opponents mislead and try to scare people about ethanol, we’ve historically responded by trotting out a study or statistics to argue in our defense,” according to ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings.  “Instead of keeping the industry’s most valuable players on the bench and pouring all our trust and money into playing defense with facts-alone, ACE’s Power by People campaign features the compelling and positive stories of the individuals and families who built the ethanol industry and those who support and continue to benefit from ethanol.”

“The story of ethanol is a profile in courage about grassroots people who, without any precedent to guide them, set out with their families and neighbors to rescue their communities from economic disaster by building ethanol plants,” said Jennings.  “Along the way, they also happened create the most successful alternative to fossil fuel in the world, sparking economic good in all corners of the country.  For far too long the stories of these people have gone untold, and that’s why ACE is launching the new Power by People campaign.”

“The facts will continue to play a pivotal role in our effort to inform policymakers and the public about ethanol, so we’re not abandoning the facts or statistics, because they are on ethanol’s side” said Jennings. “We’re just mindful that we need to deliver those facts in a more interesting and compelling way.”

Jennings says the organization has produced several video testimonials from people of all walks of life that ACE members can use to promote ethanol on their websites, through social media, and in meetings with the public.  He says the group plans to continue and expand the campaign in the months ahead.

The ACE conference runs through August 6 in Minneapolis.  For more information go to

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