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Chicago is one step closer to E15

ACE's Senior VP Ron Lamberty praises passage of Chicago E15 proposal

Sioux Falls, SD (December 8, 2014) – Ron Lamberty, Senior Vice President of the American Coalition for Ethanol, is applauding the Chicago Finance Committee’s passage of an ordinance that would lead to more E15 locations across the city.   

“We congratulate the Chicago Finance Committee for moving this ordinance forward; Chicagoans are now one step closer to better air quality and cleaner fuel choices.”

“The city of Chicago has always been a leader when it comes to fuel. It was the first city in the United States to ban lead in gasoline, the first to choose ethanol over MTBE in reformulated gas, and this ordinance would make Chicago the first major city to guarantee drivers the choice of a lower cost, higher octane, clean E15 fuel.  It’s important to note that regular gas will still be available, drivers will simply gain the additional choice of E15.”

“We appreciate that the ordinance also includes reasonable exemptions for station owners. Only stations that are already equipped to handle E15 will be required to offer E15, meaning no added expense for the station and no added markup at the pump,” said Lamberty.

Lamberty sent a letter in favor of the ordinance to the members of the Chicago Finance Committee last week. That letter can be read here. 

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