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ACE Power by People Advertisement Urges President to keep RFS on track

ACE ad highlights how RFS is an example of policy done right.

Sioux Falls, SD (May 7, 2015) –  Capitalizing on President Barack Obama’s visit to Watertown, South Dakota, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) placed a full page advertisement in the May 8 Watertown Public Opinion, a daily newspaper with circulation in 55 South Dakota and Minnesota communities, calling on the President to help keep the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) on track.

The ad is part of the organization’s Power by People campaign which highlights the personal stories and persuasiveness of ACE’s grassroots members.

The advertisement is available on the ACE website. The ad features Marietta Lakness, a farmer, rancher, and investor in Glacial Lakes Energy, an ACE-member ethanol company that owns and operates facilities in Watertown and Mina, South Dakota.  It focuses on how the RFS has supported Watertown’s economic growth and success.  The text of the ad reads:

“Sometimes policy makers in DC get it right.  Watertown, South Dakota is proof.  So is Marietta Lakness.  She raised a family in Hamlin County and has seen up close the challenges rural communities face.  That’s why Marietta joined with her neighbors to build Glacial Lakes Energy, their very own home town biorefinery.  Thanks to a policy called the Renewable Fuel Standard, today Watertown and places like it across the country produce clean renewable fuel for all Americans.  The RFS also helped Marietta and 4,000 people like her who invested in Glacial Lakes Energy unleash a new chapter of hope and prosperity for the region.  Today there’s a new market for her crops, new feed for her livestock, new fuel for her neighbors, and new dollars circulating throughout the region.  It’s a jolt that’s plain to see all over town.  Even though they live well outside the Beltway, the people of Watertown – folks like Marietta – are proof that good things come when Washington gets it right.  And that’s worth keeping.  Mr. President, help keep the RFS on track.”

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