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ACE’s Jennings and over 100 people representing ACE members tell EPA to hold strong on the RFS

ACE's Brian Jennings and over 100 people representing ACE members are testifying at the EPA RFS Field Hearing in Kansas City, Kansas today.

Sioux Falls, SD (June 25, 2015) – Over 100 representatives from companies or organizations that belong to the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) are testifying before officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today to maintain strong Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) blending targets as intended by Congress during a field hearing on the proposed Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) for 2014, 2015, and 2016 in Kansas City, Kansas.

Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President of ACE, will testify on the first panel. “…obligated parties may protest today that your proposal ‘breaks the blend wall’ in 2016, but EPA needs to separate the signal from the noise.  The methodology EPA is proposing actually enables oil companies to stockpile more than 2 billion gallons of carryover Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) by 2016.  So in reality, your proposal continues to limit ethanol blending to E10 even in 2016,” according to Jennings.

ACE members providing testimony will give EPA officials a valuable first-hand perspective from the investors, producers, and average citizens who are innovating with advanced and cellulosic technologies and retailers who are offering consumers access to E15 and flex fuels.

“The farmers and biofuel producers who are trying to help EPA succeed in fulfilling the goals of the RFS are mystified that EPA is siding with oil companies who mock the President’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take EPA to court every time you roll out new renewable fuel blending targets,” Jennings will testify. “EPA cannot take a passive approach with companies whose ultimate goal is to repeal the RFS. Doing so turns a program designed to promote innovation and clean air into one that chokes innovation and increases pollution.”

Jennings’ full testimony will be available on the ACE website after 9 AM (CDT) this morning. ACE will be posting member testimony as it takes place during the hearing. Please check for updates during the day or contact ACE Public Affairs Director Chuck Beck at for more information. 

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