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New Ethanol Study Highlights Potential for Mid-Level Blends

Oak Ridge National Lab study notes high-octane value of ethanol blends from E25 to E40.

Ethanol advocates are touting a new study from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory which points out the value of higher ethanol blends from E25 to E40. The findings note that, "This mid-level ethanol content fuel with a research octane number (RON) of about 100, appears to enable efficiency improvements in a suitably calibrated and designed engine/vehicle system that are sufffcient to offset its lower energy density. This efficiency improvement would offset the tank mileage (range) loss typically seen for ethanol blends in conventional gasoline and flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs). 

The study is a must read for proponets of higher ethanol blends. You can read it by clicking this link. 

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