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ACE congratulates Jetz on addition of E15, E85 at second location

Sioux Falls, SD (September 26, 2017) –The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) congratulates Jetz Convenience Centers for the addition of new ethanol blender pumps at its station in Muskego, Wisconsin. A grand opening event will take place today from 4 to 6 p.m. and include a fuel promotion with discount giveaways.

The Muskego station is debuting the addition of five new Unleaded-88 (E15) and four new E85 blender pumps, supported with funding through USDA’s Biofuels Infrastructure Program via Biofuels Retail Advancement in Wisconsin Transportation (BRAWT) grant funds, which help support and expand ethanol blending equipment at gas stations throughout the state. The Muskego location is the second in the Jetz family of five c-stores to offer higher ethanol blends. In November 2016, Jetz became the first fuel retailer in Milwaukee to offer E15 and flex fuels.

“These two fuels provide cost savings for customers, better engine performance, improved air quality and support for Wisconsin jobs,” said Bob O’Connor, Jetz President. “Jetz is proud to build on the success of the Milwaukee blender pump project with the expansion of Unleaded 88 and E85 in Muskego.”

ACE Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty and O’Connor have teamed up to support the widespread use of and infrastructure for higher ethanol blends. O’Connor attended the most recent ACE Washington, D.C. Fly-In, spoke on a retailer panel at ACE’s 30th annual conference in Omaha in August, and will be traveling with ACE staff in October to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) conference in Chicago to share his experience with attending fuel marketers. O’Connor and his Jetz stores will also be featured on ACE’s website soon, to show single-store and small chain owners they can add E15 and flex fuels affordably and profitably. "We wouldn't be adding Unleaded 88 and E85 at a second location if it wasn't doing so well at the first," O'Connor said.

“Because Milwaukee is a reformulated gas (RFG) market, which has low-RVP [Reid vapor pressure] fuel year-round, Bob could make the decision to add E15 without having to consider the hassle of changing fuels or labels every summer, and then doing it again each fall," Lamberty said. “He’s seen the benefits of higher ethanol blends, so he’s adding E15 and flex fuels at a second location. If EPA or Congress would fix the outdated RVP rules that limit E15, other retailers would be able to make that same decision."

Jetz representatives will be distributing 50 $15-off coupons each hour and an additional $2-off coupon for attendees’ next fill-up during the event at the Jetz Convenience Store S 69 W15461 W Janesville Road in Muskego. In addition, the station will feature Unleaded 88 (E15) for $1.15 per gallon and E85 for 85 cents per gallon. City and state officials will be on hand to meet with constituents during the event as well.

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