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ACE partners on EPA Smart Sectors program  

Sioux Falls, SD (October 3, 2017) –The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) announces its participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Smart Sectors program launched today to provide a platform for collaboration with regulated sectors to help the agency develop forward-thinking ways to improve environmental outcomes.

Smart Sectors is partnering with trade associations from 13 industry sectors selected for the breadth of their environmental and economic impacts. ACE represents biofuels under the oil and gas sector as the only ethanol industry association representative invited to partner in the launch.   

“We’re grateful Administrator Pruitt invited ACE to participate in this Smart Sectors program given the timely and critical ethanol issues currently under consideration at EPA,” said Brian Jennings, ACE Executive Vice President. “We will take advantage of this opportunity to work with EPA to ensure that RFS implementation grows demand for biofuels, to continue pushing for RVP relief for E15 and higher ethanol blends, and to position high-octane fuel as a solution to fuel economy and emissions standards.”

EPA Administrator Pruitt announced the launch of the voluntary partnership program to CEOs and leadership from over 30 trade associations and their member companies at a launch event held today at EPA headquarters. Jonathon Lehman, ACE’s Legislative Counsel in Washington, D.C., attended the launch event.

“Issues of critical importance to the continued growth of U.S. produced biofuels are centered within EPA’s jurisdiction and being considered as we speak,” Lehman said. “We greatly appreciate Administrator Pruitt’s commitment to collaboration within the Smart Sectors program as we seek to ensure EPA's regulation of biofuels does not hinder continued growth, economic opportunities and domestic energy security."

According to EPA, through the collaborative partnership, Smart Sectors will demonstrate measurable results for the environment and the economy by building relationships and improving customer service to each sector; developing additional expertise in each industry’s operations and environmental performance; and informing the planning of future policies, regulations and agency processes.

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