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ACE members, retailers bring flex fuel forward at NACS show

Sioux Falls, SD (October 18, 2017) –The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is attending the 2017 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show taking place today through Oct. 20 in Chicago. This year, ACE will be accompanied by Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based fuel retailer Bob O’Connor, Owner of Jetz Convenience Centers, and ACE producer members at its booth on the show floor.

ACE’s market development efforts center around the fact retailers trust the experience of other retailers when considering the addition of new products. Last November, Jetz became the first retailer to offer E15 to the Milwaukee market, and they opened their second E15 location last month.  O’Connor will be available at this week’s NACS show to share his experiences and answer E15 and flex fuel questions from other fuel retailers across the country.

“Our Flex Fuel Forward campaign recognizes the reality that marketers trust information they get from other marketers. They want to hear from other station owners who have already ‘been there and done that,’” said Ron Lamberty, ACE Senior Vice President. “Website traffic to backs that up: three of the most viewed pages feature retailers addressing common questions and concerns of other retailers. We’ve invited Bob to join us at NACS, the largest convenience store show in the world, to speak to retailers in person.”

ACE is broadening the variety of convenience store profiles on by adding the stories of a “mom and pop” station in rural Nebraska and O’Connor’s small chain convenience stores with high-volume in metro Milwaukee. These stories will show single-store and small chain owners they can add E15 and flex fuels affordably and profitably. "We wouldn't be adding Unleaded 88 (E15) and E85 at a second location if it wasn't doing so well at the first," O'Connor said. Both Jetz flex fuel locations report selling more E85 than premium and diesel combined.

ACE is debuting the first of a series of videos that showcase these stories and answer frequently asked questions about E15 and flex fuels at its booth at the NACS show. Following the show, a new video will be released on each month.

Jetz, like most other successful higher blend ethanol retailers, credits much of its success to the availability of ethanol that reflects RIN values, and being able to use those RIN values to discount fuel and still earn higher margins. More ethanol producers are now selling this deeply discounted “RINless” ethanol directly to marketers, and ACE has invited those producers to also take part in fuel marketer trade shows. ACE member plants or fuel retailers interested in joining the ACE staff at these shows in 2018 can contact the ACE office for details.

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