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ACE addressing ethanol marketing challenges, low carbon benefits at NEB Forum

Sioux Falls, SD (April 12, 2018) – American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) board member and past board president Ron Alverson of Dakota Ethanol speaks today at Nebraska Ethanol Board’s 2018 Emerging Issues Forum in Omaha, Nebraska, about assessing new markets based on ethanol’s low carbon emissions benefits. ACE Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty also moderates a panel tomorrow at the event covering ethanol marketing challenges and opportunities this year and into the future.

Joining Alverson on the panel is Steffen Mueller of the University of Illinois at Chicago Energy Resources Center who has spoken to the positive impact biofuels can have on air emissions and toxins at past events, including those in conjunction with efforts by the Hormel Institute for cancer research, supported by ACE member plant Absolute Energy LLC. 

Alverson’s presentation focuses on corn ethanol’s ability to lower carbon intensity (CI) by walking through the current state of science as it relates to the lifecycle GHG emissions of corn based ethanol. Alverson will share ways in which the current lifecycle GHG modeling needs updating, so it can be accurately used to inform low carbon policy decisions and to recognize the climate benefits from further expansion of corn ethanol production and use in the U.S. beyond volumes called for in the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“Since biofuel lifecycle GHG modeling was first developed by the U.S. Department of Energy more than 30 years ago, corn production and ethanol manufacture have experienced significant efficiency improvements that have greatly reduced lifecycle GHGs of corn starch ethanol,” Alverson said.  “If lifecycle GHG accounting and modeling is expected to achieve its desired result, the modeling must reflect the latest science available. Because fossil fuel CI is getting worse and corn ethanol CI is improving, failure to account for these trends unfairly penalizes biofuels in low carbon markets.”

The panel Lamberty moderates on Friday consists of Greg Gust of the Minnesota Biofuels Association relaying a “Minnesota experience” of the lessons learned with E15 and higher blends, and Charlie Bosselman of Bosselman Enterprises discussing his flex fuel marketing experiences with the company’s Pump ‘N Pantry stores in Nebraska.

“This panel keeps with ACE’s approach of getting information for marketers from other marketers,” Lamberty said. “It’ll be good to hear what’s being done in Minnesota from Greg, and to get an update from Charlie on the continuing growth of E15 and E85 at Bosselman Enterprises’ Pump ‘N Pantry stores in Nebraska.”

Interview with Lamberty about a variety of industry issues from NEB available here.

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