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ACE pleased NY approves E15 but still work to do to allow access to mid-level ethanol blends

Sioux Falls, SD (November 20, 2019) – The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) supports part of a rule finalized today by the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets to allow the sale of E15, opening the fourth-largest fuel market in the U.S. to a cleaner burning, higher octane fuel. However, ACE is disappointed the rule also explicitly aims to prohibit market access to mid-level ethanol blends. In September, ACE CEO Brian Jennings submitted comments to the department in support of its proposal to conform New York with federal regulations to allow year-round access to E15 but opposed the proposal to prohibit the retail sale of mid-level blends of ethanol and gasoline greater than 15 percent and less than 51 percent by volume. Jennings issued the following statement in response to today’s action:

“ACE applauds the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets for a rule recognizing E15 is a clean, safe and low-cost fuel which will give the state’s consumers the option to buy a higher quality product and save money at the pump. As one of the largest gasoline markets in the U.S., New York’s action to allow E15 sales is a very encouraging step. Nonetheless, we are disappointed New York appears to be following the footsteps of the Environmental Protection Agency in trying to restrict consumer access to mid-level ethanol blends. With nearly one million flexible fuel vehicles on New York roads and approximately 100 stations equipped to offer mid-level blends along with E85, we are concerned the prohibition on blends between 16 and 50 percent ethanol by volume will take options away from retailers and consumers who could benefit from mid-level blends. We appreciate that the Department intends ‘to closely monitor the marketplace and will consider, at some future point, allowing additional blends if the marketplace adapts well to the introduction of E15’ and we look forward to assisting in the development of this market opportunity in the future.”

A copy of ACE’s comments on the proposal can be accessed here.

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