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ACE leadership provides updates and commends member plants for dedication to their craft at annual, board meetings

Sioux Falls, SD – American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) plant members are hosting annual meetings for their investors and board meetings during the first half of the year. ACE CEO Brian Jennings is attending several, including Golden Grain Energy’s annual meeting today in Mason City, Iowa, as well as the Adkins Energy board meeting, Absolute Energy’s annual meeting, and the East Kansas Agri-Energy board meeting in the upcoming weeks to commend the producers for enduring a tough year, and providing timely updates on opportunities and challenges ahead for growing the demand for ethanol.

“I’m always grateful for the opportunity to meet with members and discuss the pressing issues facing the industry,” Jennings said. “Our members work hard to ensure they provide a meaningful return to local shareholders, and I’m honored to highlight this effort by commending our members on the operational and financial progress they’ve been able to maintain despite several headwinds they’ve been confronted with.”

ACE’s newly appointed Director of Member and Industry Relations, Nick Fosheim, is joining Jennings at some of these meetings to connect with members and inform them about his approach to fostering ACE’s partnerships with current and potential members, and his strategies to promote ACE’s efforts throughout the industry.

Following a recent victory in the Tenth Circuit Court over the Environmental Protection Agency’s unlawful use of Small Refinery Exemptions, Jennings provided an assessment of what this could mean to the way EPA administers the RFS waiver program to attendees of GGE’s annual meeting. Jennings noted that ACE will be involved in any upcoming proposals EPA is preparing to streamline market barriers to E15 as well. Additionally, ACE recently submitted feedback to the U.S. Department of Agriculture on a Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program for E15 and higher blends, and Jennings recapped how ACE is working to influence the program to garner more widespread participation by retailers. Meeting attendees were also informed about ACE’s efforts to lead the charge in pressing for new legislation in Congress to increase ethanol use based on its low carbon and high octane attributes, as well as publishing recommendations on new clean fuel policy in the Midwest to expand economic activity and cut greenhouse gas emissions. These topics will be front and center during ACE’s Washington, D.C. fly-in coming up April 2-3.

“We commend ACE member ethanol plants for being wise stewards of their shareholder’s investments,” Jennings said. “These meetings serve as a great way for investors to not only learn of our member plant’s successes, but to understand what lies ahead for our industry’s future.”

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