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The ACE Conference to Explore Key Industry Issues August 10-12

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) 35th annual conference coming up August 10-12 in Omaha is slated to cover a range of topics to inform ethanol producers and the broader industry about the current market and policy dynamics at play, as well as to equip producers with practical insights they can implement to improve their operations.

“The ACE conference is designed to make good use of the attendee’s time by incorporating a variety of general sessions and breakouts in a condensed day-and-a-half agenda,” said Katie Muckenhirn, ACE Vice President of Public Affairs. “I was pleased with the feedback from biofuel professionals offering to share their technical expertise and insight at this year’s event and we’re working on incorporating many of those ideas into an agenda that provides resourceful takeaways.”

This year’s general session coverage will feature new uses and markets for ethanol, farm-to-biofuel carbon market opportunities, trade developments, and an energy market outlook, as well as insight on the ethanol retail marketplace and future demand opportunities. Further, more intimate breakout sessions will cover the latest in technology updates, strategic planning advice, and ways for ethanol plants to lower their carbon score and raise their profitability.

More specifically, sessions will include information on sustainable aviation fuel and hydrogen market potential, carbon capture and storage, getting the most out of your coproducts — like distillers corn oil, carbon intensity scoring, hiring practices and labor challenges, IT security, driving value to agriculture through low carbon solutions, tax credits in new project investments, and more. ACE has also invited key officials at the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to speak during the event.

“Central to the discussions we plan to host this year is how can we set the industry up for success to continue playing an integral role in the climate conversation and evolving to take advantage of new technologies and markets,” Muckenhirn added. “The 35th anniversary event theme ‘intensity’ encompasses this focus; we encourage you to turn it down for carbon and turn it up for us by joining ACE this summer in Omaha.”

More on the agenda will be released over the coming months. Online event registration is open and reduced rate reservations are available at the event hotel: the Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District. ACE welcomes supporters to reserve an event sponsorship. All conference details can be found at

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