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ACE Thanks President Biden for Initiating Action to Resolve Rail Dispute

Following approval in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, President Biden today signed into law legislation adopting the terms of a contract negotiated among freight railroads and most of their unions in September, ahead of the Dec. 9 deadline to reach an agreement before the labor union workers promised to strike.  

“The American Coalition for Ethanol thanks President Biden for pressing Congress to pass legislation that resolves the rail dispute, as a strike would have had a domino effect on our industry, from the producers of the fuel to midstream partners and ultimately the retailers and motorists who fill up with low-cost fuel at the pump,” said Brian Jennings, ACE CEO. “This week’s quick action by the Administration and Congress helps keep ethanol moving to the marketplace, and we’re grateful as our members heavily rely on an efficient and timely rail system.”

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