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What's 1.67 Trillion Divided By 53?

ACE's Ron Lamberty outlines some very large numbers from BP's Statistical Review of World Energy. The number 53, in particular, caught his attention because it's the number of years the oil on planet earth will last.

The truth literally matters

Please don’t give up on this column because it initially sounds like a discussion of grammar or usage or some other English-y things about which I could not care less. (OK, I’ll admit the end of that sentence originally said “English-y things I couldn’t care less about,” but I changed it to avoid derision from fellow English geeks for ending a sentence with a preposition. That means I actually could…

50 million reasons to offer E15. One reason Big Oil won’t allow it

In 2007, when RFS2 was signed into law, it was absolutely clear to every single refiner that something greater than 10% ethanol was going to be needed to be offered to meet the requirements of that law. Someone needs to ask the nation’s refiners: “What have you done to meet the requirements of this law you have known about for seven years?” It’s not that Big Oil has done nothing. They’ve sued all…

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