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Strategic Plan

What is Accelerate?

ACE003-Ace Accelerate Logo-Accelerateis a strategic plan to spark new demand and value for ethanol using a proactive approach to spur growth in our industry.

ACE members innovators who have been in the driver’s seat of the ethanol industry for more than 35 years — and we’re not letting up any time soon. That’s the spirit behind the Accelerate Initiative, which maps the way forward for our members, the industry, American drivers, and new allies in the drive for clean fuel and economic vitality in rural America.


What We’re Doing

We announced this vision in 2021 to broadcast the value of your membership in ACE. The Accelerate plan builds on our current work in 3-key focus areas:

  1. Position producers as part of the climate solution
  2. Increase demand and value through new clean fuel policies
  3. Develop new markets and uses
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The Where, When and Why

Where: The Accelerate plan maps out the journey we will take to success. There are complex challenges in front of us that require a systematic approach and tenacity to achieve meaningful results.

When: Our plan includes five-year benchmarking to illustrate what success looks like, but it doesn’t mean our work stops in 2025. ACE is determined to help our members do well for themselves and their communities well into the future. 

Why: To increase demand. We are laser-focused on expanding the use of ethanol, so the focus areas of Accelerate address what matters to your company in measurable ways. We intend to showcase this return on investment to you through the duration of this initiative.

And don’t forget about “How” — how you can get involved in this initiative with us. You are our most effective advocates. Your active participation and input motivates us to work hard and make a difference for you.

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