ACE's Annual DC Fly-In

JOIn us march 21-22, 2018 for the 10th annual ACE DC Fly-IN

Please join us at this important event!  There is no registration fee to attend and ACE staff will schedule all meetings on your behalf and provide materials and talking points: participants are asked to cover their own travel expenses to and while in Washington.  The meetings will take place at the Liaison Capitol Hill hotel and on Capitol Hill; if you do not wish to stay at the Liaison, a list of alternatives can be found below. For more information about the event, please contact Shannon Gustafson, ACE Director of Strategic Projects, at or 605-334-3381 ext. 16. 

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HOST HOTEL: Liaison Capitol Hill

Reservations - call toll free (888) 513-7445.  Please reference the American Coalition for Ethanol group when making reservations.


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ACE 2017 Washington, D.C. Fly-In

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"I was recruited to come in the first place because I grow food-grade corn, but ever since that first time, I continue to come because it’s such a great program. It’s well-organized and we’re able to talk with the people who influence those who make the laws. They are all people like us and they love our story. I’m a farmer from Nebraska, so I tell them my family is still on the farm because of ethanol - my sons are back to farm because of ethanol - and of course, it’s an American story." Scott McPheeters, KAAPA Ethanol Board Member, ACE Board Member, Farmer

"It’s great to see so many people get together who feel so strongly about the ethanol industry. Being a farmer, a corn grower board member and now ACE board member, I feel like it’s our duty as rural Americans to come out here and tell our story - to tell our politicians what ethanol has done for us in rural America." Troy Knecht, ACE Board Member, SD Corn Board Member, Farmer
"I support ethanol. For every customer of mine, not only does it save them money, it also improves the quality of our air. At the same time, my customers get a better performing fuel, because it’s a mid-grade octane. We met with some legislators who were on the fence about the fuel at the ACE fly-in, and they implied to us that they are rethinking their position." Bob O'Connor, Owner of Jetz Convenience Centers

"As a member of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Corn Growers, it’s important for us to interact with our congressional staff to let them know of our concerns and of how important ethanol is in the state of Indiana, both for the farm and rural economy. Many of our congressional leaders here in D.C. don’t really understand what we’re dealing with in Indiana." Ken Parrent, Director of Biofuels with Indiana Corn

"At NCGA, ethanol is our priority. People need to come out and tell their story, because we can help influence decisions, one person and one voice at a time. They don’t know what’s going on in the rural communities unless we tell them. We all have lobbyists in Washington and they can go talk for us, but our representatives and senators want to hear from the farmers themselves." Kevin Skunes, President of the National Corn Growers Association
"We have the White House and the President’s support, because we earned it. I want to make sure that Washington, D.C. knows what we know and is educated on what we do, and that’s why it's so important that we share that message." Eric Branstad, Senior White House Advisor to the Department of Commerce

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