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EPA RFS rule protects those who say 'no we can't'

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings comments on RFS put forward by EPA

ACE DC ads feature people who have done well with the RFS

ACE intros ad campaign to run in DC and other markets on the importance of a strong RFS.

ACE applauds USDA's program to improve consumer access to E15 and Flex Fuels

ACE thanks the USDA for new program to help boost higher ethanol blends.

White Paper examines effects of reduced RFS

The National Farmers Union and National Corn Growers Association have published a white paper looking the economic effects of a reduced Renewable Fuel Standard.

ACE Member Badger State Ethanol gets VIP visit from Grains Council representatives

Badger State Ethanol hosts recent meeting with members from Grains Council Dairy Management Team.

ACE thanks USDA for improving consumer access to ethanol blends

USDA announces grants to improve access for E15, E30 and other ethanol blends.

ACE elects Board representatives

The American Coalition for Ethanol confirms Board lineup during recent annual meeting.

2015 ACE Conference emphasizes ethanol's advancements, ingenuity

Domestic Fuel provides a full round up including interviews and more from the recent ACE Conference.

ACE honors ethanol contributors with 2015 awards

The American Coalition for Ethanol announces the ethanol group's 2015 award winners.

Domestic Fuel Coverage of the ACE Conference

Domestic Fuel is providing full coverage of #ACE15

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