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Chicago is one step closer to E15

ACE's Senior VP Ron Lamberty praises passage of Chicago E15 proposal

ACE's Ron Lamberty's letter to the Chicago Finance Committee on E15 ordinance

ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty urges Chicago Finance Committee to support E15 legislation

EPA reconsiders 2014 RFS reduction

ACE's Executive Vice President Brian Jennings credits ethanol supporters for helping the EPA reconsider the 2014 RVO obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

ACE applauds auto engineers for exposing EPA oil bias

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings is praising a recent SAE paper that notes an EPA bias towards oil.

ACE thanks motor clubs for embracing E15

ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty thanked Travelers Motor Club and AMCM for supporting E15

ACE letter urges support for S. 2777

ACE's Brian Jennings letter to leaders on Senate Commerce Committee on S. 2777

ACE urges support for STB Reauthorization Act of 2014

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings urges the leaders of the Senate Commerce Committee to support S. 2777

Pump Prices Drop, Could Drop Further With More E15

ACE Senior VP Ron Lamberty notes that more E15 in the fuel mix provides advantages for both consumers and gas station owners

ACE honors Couser and Good for ethanol advocacy support

Bill Couser and Charlie Good receive honors from ACE during annual conference.

ACE congratulates Quad County Corn Processors for opening their cellulosic biorefinery

ACE salutes Quad County Corn Processors on their grand opening of their cellulosic biorefinery today.

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