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Brian JenningsNovember 16, 20232 min read

Revived and Ready

ACE recently launched a revitalized to serve as a must-stop online resource for all things related to ethanol. Our refreshed website aims to enlighten and engage visitors about the benefits of ethanol and its role in being part of the climate solution.

A critical piece of this launch involved reviving the online footprint of Ethanol Today magazine by integrating it directly into ( and paving the way for new digital advertising opportunities for the many companies who provide a much-needed product or service to the ethanol industry. In fact, ACE is currently offering extremely attractive print and digital advertising rates for all six issues of Ethanol Today in 2024.

I’m confident readers of Ethanol Today will like these improvements because you can still access the full print publication and archives online, now with the added ability of accessing individual articles like a standard online news source.

A makeover was long overdue, and I want to thank Katie Muckenhirn for successfully leading the monumental effort to ensure our new website not only offers a fresh and modern design, but also makes it easier for visitors to access valuable information and resources highlighting the numerous benefits of ethanol as a clean and renewable fuel option.

Key features of the website include:

  • News and Updates: Stay informed about the latest developments in the ethanol industry, including policy updates and market trends.
  • A fully integrated digital edition of Ethanol Today magazine, adding a wealth of industry information and resources for visitors all in one place, not to mention new online advertising opportunities!
  • Educational Resources: Information about ethanol's environmental benefits, contribution to the economy and role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including access to ACE’s coveted carbon intensity calculators.
  • Advocacy Tools: Take action to get involved and support the ethanol industry's growth by engaging with advocacy resources or attending an ACE event.
  • Member Focus: Learn about the work ACE is doing to increase ethanol demand and the benefits associated with supporting these efforts

I encourage you to bookmark the new website and visit it frequently. It debunks myths and provides accurate and up-to-date information to promote the use of ethanol and the positive impact it has on the economy and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to new digital advertising opportunities in Ethanol Today magazine, this issue and all upcoming issues will feature a new and revived look to the print edition of the magazine. The new look is meant to reflect the bright, clean look of our new website.